Case Management

If Greenleaf ONE’s standard workflow and activity options aren’t enough for your organization, we’ve got a full-featured case management system for even the most complex case workloads.

  • Custom case types: define case types specific to your organization, complete with name, activity types, statuses, and roles
  • Timelines: whither your cases typically proceed in a series of defined steps at defined intervals, or your workflow is more ad-hoc, you can create one or multiple timelines for each case type that accurately reflect how your organization works
  • Role-based assignment: automatically assign activities on the case on a role basis, for example to the account manager for the contact, the coordinator, or whatever other roles you have created
  • Workflow rules integration: use Greenleaf ONE’s integrated rules engine to create custom notifications, status changes, or activity creation and modification based on a number of different criteria
  • Redaction options: tool to automatically redact sensitive data to protect privacy

Questions about what Greenleaf ONE’s case management tool can do? Contact us today to set up a meeting to find out!

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