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Changelog Category: Planned

Planned items.

Upgrade: Major builder improvements

The latest version of the builder and related Essentials plugin ship with some very nice changes and improvements. There’s been a reorganization of the admin menu to make navigating through the page builder more intuitive. Likewise, the builder ships with some significant performance improvements that should make building pages a breeze.

One of the big improvements that we’re most excited about is the ability to mix dynamic content now into a single element. Currently, dynamic mappings allow only a 1 to 1 relationship. With the new version, you can bring many “fields” from your source data into one field in the page builder.

While this is not difficult to do in practice, it can be a challenge to wrap your head around. It takes some thoughtful planning and understanding in order to use it effectively, however it is VERY powerful! We’re working up a video on how to do it as well as to provide some sample use cases.

Upgrade WordPress to version 6.4

WordPress version 6.4 has been out in the wild for a while and appears to be stable and compatible with the major extensions in use by Greenleaf ONE. At the same time, version 6.4 includes performance improvements that should make sites run faster. In the coming weeks, we’ll be upgrading all sites to this version.

Install Widget Context

Out of the box WordPress widgets lack the ability to assign or exclude the widget from selected pages, posts, etc. For many, that’s ok. However, at times organizations need greater control over the visibility of widgets and their related content. This plugin allows users to do just that.

Video: Using the builder widget

The Yootheme Pro page builder supports WordPress widgets and, in fact, ships with a “builder” widget that allows you create complex layouts within a widget and expose it on various pages or in a specified position. This video will walk you through how to do it and what things you should consider when using a widget.

Video: WooCommerce & Page Builder

We love the way the page builder allows you to easily map in content to all of the various elements. What makes it really shine is the abilty to pull in data from a variety of sources, not just the default WordPress pages, posts, etc.

The Page Builder natively supports WooCommerce and its products, making it super easy to build a fully functional site that is native to your site’s style. This will be the first of a series of videos to help you get up to speed on setting up and working with WooCommerce.

Video: Using advanced custom fields

We have several videos already produced and more in the queue. Once we have the Greenleaf Client Portal up and running, we’ll flip the switch on our long promised video library. In the meantime, we’re planning more videos, one of which is on the use of custom fields in WordPress. This is a big topic with lots of complexities and lots of potential. But, we’ve received some requests on this topic so we’re planning to produce an overview of how to get started using custom fields in WordPress and in conjunction with the page builder.

Re-evaluating our recaptcha implementation

Consistent with our ongoing review of currently supported plugins, we’re planning to undertake a review of our recaptcha implementation across Greenleaf ONE sites. This is also driven by the fact that more and more Greenleaf ONE clients are developing sophisticated portals that leverage website authentication. Use of recaptcha is vital to controlling spam registrations along with other types of spam related activities.

Currently, recaptcha implementation is accomplished in a variety of different ways including via multiple plugins and recaptcha versions. We want to review both and consolidate on to a standard such that it provides better performance for clients and is more easily maintainable by us.

MX Audit & Testing

We’re planning an audit of all client MX settings to ensure that email settings are correct and optimized for deliverability. This audit is the result of recent changes in the enforcement of DMARC and DKIM standards that have caused some inconsistency in email deliverability.

Return of monthly webinars

Expect to see more live webinars coming online soon. These will be geared both to new users interested in getting an overview of specific functionalities as well as advanced users that want to take a deeper dive.

Historically focused on CiviCRM, this new webinar series is expanding to include all of Greenleaf ONE’s functionality and will provide an overview of various topics from using the page builder, custom post types, custom fields and much more.