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Contact Management

Consolidate constituent data with powerful contact management and multiple custom data types

Greenleaf ONE has a full contact management suite that allows you to store all your constituent information in one place.  This gives you a holistic view of the people, households, and organizations that are important to you, allowing you to always know the “next right ask” of any single constituent or group of constituents.

  • Basic contact information: addresses, emails, phone numbers, demographic info, relationships, employers, miscellaneous notes, communication preferences
  • Custom Data: store an unlimited amount of custom fields tied to any data entity
  • Interactions: phone calls, meetings, contributions, pledges, event registrations, memberships, volunteer engagements, bulk email opens & click throughs
  • Custom Activity Types: if you have constituent interactions that are specific to your organization (like a grief outreach for a church), you can create a custom activity type, and even create custom data fields associated with just that activity type. And you can assign these activities to the person or people responsible for carrying them out.

Additionally, Greenleaf ONE lets you organize your contacts the way you think about them in real life, so that your CRM is an extension of the way you think, rather than something you have to think differently about. Not only that, but you can create “smart groups” that automatically organize your contacts based on criteria you create. So for instance, if you define “Top Level Donors” as anyone who has given $10,000 or more, then as a contact crosses the $10,000 threshold, they will automatically be added to that group, and taken out of any group for which they no longer meet the criteria.

Finally you can use Greenleaf ONE’s powerful workflow engine in conjunction with all of the above to create a moves management protocol that is specific to your organization. This empowers you to lead your prospects and donors expertly along the engagement continuum, bringing them from least engaged to the most appropriate engagement level for that constituent.