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Bulk Email

Target communications to specific constituents via mass email

Greenleaf ONE’s integrated bulk email makes communicating with your constituents easier and more streamlined than ever.

  • Drag and drop interface: building block system makes assembling and modifying great looking emails easy
  • Professional Grade Email Delivery Servers: We send your email with Elastic Email servers, helping to ensure the highest successful delivery rates possible.
  • Automatically responsive: all bulk emails look great on any device – you can’t break it!
  • Personalized emails: using data tokens, you can merge in personalized data for each recipient, giving your emails that personal touch
  • Easy list management: mailing lists are always synced in real time since the mailer is part of your CRM
  • Seamless segmentation: smart groups – automatic categorization of contacts based on your criteria – make communicating with specific segments a breeze
  • Effortless testing: easily send test emails to one person or a small group for evaluation / proofreading, keeping the email in draft form until you are ready to send
  • A/B Testing: send two test mailings (based on subject, from address, or entirely different emails) to a random subset of your recipients, and after collecting and comparing metrics, the system will automatically send the more successful mailing to the remaining recipients.
  • Flexible Scheduler: once you are ready to send, schedule your emails to go out immediately or at any time in the future, day or night
  • Full reporting: successful deliveries, unique and total opens, unique and total click-throughs for each link, forwards, replies, bounces, unsubscribes, and opt outs
  • Workflow integration: use the workflow engine to build tools that give you actionable data (for example, getting an alert if one of your top donors unsubscribes from your email list)

Finally, because your bulk email is integrated into your CRM, you can analyze your email results against other data entities in ways that are only limited by your imagination. For example, you can ask questions like:

  • How many of my never-donors opened this email versus current donors?
  • How many and which of our top donors are not opening our email?
  • Are my current members opening our email?

Based on your answers to questions like these and more, you can be sure that you are always sending the right outreach to the right people.