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Member Management

Manage users with full-featured memberships and advanced rule-based automations

Greenleaf ONE’s Membership component is a powerhouse of features and flexibility. You can custom design your membership experience based on your organization’s needs, and automate large swaths of the process, to both make it easy for your members, and to keep your staff out of the weeds and instead focused on work that brings the biggest returns.

  • Membership types: customizable levels and duration
  • Fixed or rolling: have all your memberships renew on the anniversary of their sign up day (rolling), or create a standard day when all memberships expire / renew (fixed)
  • Grace period: you can set a period (for example, one month) after the expiration date where the member’s status will remain current, giving them extra time to renew.
  • Related memberships: allow identified household members, spouses, children, employees, or any relationship your define to automatically receive the member status of the contact who purchased the membership
  • Premiums: members can automatically qualify for free gifts and member privileges based on premium levels that you define
  • Auto-renew option with auto-recurring payments: you can give members the option to choose to, or make it mandatory to, auto-renew their memberships
  • Membership Sign Up Pages:  customize the page or pages for members to sign up on your website, or have your staff sign people up in the administrative back end
  • Scheduled Reminders: Automatically send members a fully customizable reminder of their upcoming renewal based on membership level, member status, and auto-renew status. Or automatically send multiple messages (for example 4 weeks before expiration, 2 weeks before, 1 week before, 1 day before) that stop as soon as the member renews
  • Public and private membership levels: have a special membership level for VIP’s that you don’t want people to be able to sign up for by themselves? No problem – keep it for admin use only.
  • Tell a Friend and Peer to Peer: allow your constituents to recruit members on your behalf
  • Widgets: use tracking widgets on your website to track and communicate the progress of membership drives
  • Member website privileges: allow members to automatically gain or lose access to protected areas of your website based on their membership status

And with Greenleaf ONE’s integrated outgoing email, your bulk email or your scheduled membership reminders can include a system-generated token that creates a custom URL for each user, which when clicked presents each user with their own custom membership page. This page is then prefilled with their user data, making it easier for them to complete the form and reducing duplicate contact creation for you.