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Integrate texting into your constituent communications

Are you using texting (SMS messaging) in your outreach? Despite it’s huge potential, many organizations aren’t, only because they don’t have an infrastructure that easily supports it.

Fortunately, Greenleaf ONE provides affordable texting integrated right into your CRM, so nothing will hold you back from figuring out how to leverage it fully in your outreach strategy. Take advantage of features such as:

  • Easy list management: recipient lists are always synced in real time since the SMS sender is integrated into your CRM
  • Personalized messages: using data tokens, you can merge in personalized data for each recipient, giving your text messages that personal touch
  • Inbound message capture: Inbound messages are recorded against the contact record
  • Integrated opt in and opt out: if someone opts in or out with a text, it is automatically recorded in that person’s contact record and they will automatically receive or not receive the next text
  • Scheduled reminders: use the text tool to send scheduled reminders (like having someone automatically receive a personalized text reminder a day before a scheduled volunteer activity or event )

With Greenleaf ONE, you are only limited in how you can use SMS messaging in your outreach efforts by your imagination. So get Greenleaf ONE today and start imagining BIG!