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Migrate from CiviCRM Spark

Spark is an innovative platform based on CiviCRM, a popular open source CRM used by nonprofits around the world. Designed to introduce nonprofit organizations to CRM software, Spark is ideally suited to organizations that seek to come off of spreadsheets and on to legitimate CRM software without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

Nonprofits are attracted to CiviCRM as an open source CRM tool because of its flexibility and because of its low total cost of ownership. It provides world class contact management, event management, email marketing, case management and general relationship management functionality out of the box.

Having said that, the full download version of CiviCRM comes with some degree of technical overhead that can be offputting for many nonprofit organizations. With CiviCRM Spark, organizations can overcome these technical hurdles and benefit from an easy to set up, full managed CiviCRM hosting platform with Spark.

Take CiviCRM Spark to the next level

As a tool, CiviCRM Spark is a wonderful CRM for nonprofits. Because of its limitations, however, it is likely that many nonprofits will outgrow it or will simply need, because of their own growth in operations, more features and capabilities.

Greenleaf ONE presents users of CiviCRM Spark with a natural progression onto a more feature rich version of CiviCRM that includes full access to the underlying content management system along with other features unique to Greenleaf ONE.

What else do you get with Greenleaf One?

CiviCRM Spark is fundamentally constituent relationship management software, focusing exclusively on the CRM tools that enable organizations to maximize their impact. Greenleaf ONE builds on that by including:
  • fully integrated content management system with a powerful drag and drop builder, premium extensions and advanced features;
  • support, training, video tutorials and other resources to ensure that you have the information you need to build, maintain and empower your organization’s online presence
Like CiviCRM Spark, Greenleaf ONE is fully managed and hosted, providing you access to a world class open source CMS and open source CRM with little to no technical overhead on your part.

What else do you get with Greenleaf One?

If you’re coming from CiviCRM Spark and want to maintain your data, we can help. After subscribing to Greenleaf ONE, we can help you export your data and re-import it into your new site and have you back up and running quickly.
The very best open source CRM and CMS for nonprofits

Combining the power of CiviCRM & WordPress

Greenleaf ONE is a fully integrated, open source CMS (WordPress) and CRM (CiviCRM) combined with a powerful set of premium extensions and services. Built by nonprofit professionals for nonprofits, Greenleaf ONE provides a sophisticated toolset for nonprofits of almost any size to fully leverage their website and CRM, allowing you to more actively engage supporters and maximize your impact. 

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Greenleaf ONE is not owned by or otherwise affliated with CiviCRM or WordPress. The trademark for CiviCRM is owned and managed by CiviCRM LLC. The trademark for WordPess is owned and managed by the WordPress Foundation.

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