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Add in advanced table element

The core page builder in Greenleaf ONE ships with a table element that, how shall we say, leaves a little bit to be desired. That said, tables are not as popular as they used to be, certainly not in website design anyway where they used to be a necessity. Still, a feature rich table can provide users a slick way to list out (dynamic) content easily. Enter the new “Table Pro” element!

You’ll find this in your element library under the “Flart Studio” elements. This is one of a few that provide powerful advanced features within common elements. For example, not only does the table element ship with all sorts of customizations, it has build in search and filtering that make it easy to present a large table while allowing users to drill down to the data they need.

This is a very powerful element, but it’s not as simple as many others. We’re working up a video to demonstrate some of it’s central features. Stay tuned!