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Upgrade: Major builder improvements

The latest version of the builder and related Essentials plugin ship with some very nice changes and improvements. There’s been a reorganization of the admin menu to make navigating through the page builder more intuitive. Likewise, the builder ships with some significant performance improvements that should make building pages a breeze.

One of the big improvements that we’re most excited about is the ability to mix dynamic content now into a single element. Currently, dynamic mappings allow only a 1 to 1 relationship. With the new version, you can bring many “fields” from your source data into one field in the page builder.

While this is not difficult to do in practice, it can be a challenge to wrap your head around. It takes some thoughtful planning and understanding in order to use it effectively, however it is VERY powerful! We’re working up a video on how to do it as well as to provide some sample use cases.