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Custom Fields & Post Types

WordPress is a hugely popular CMS because of its simplicity and flexibility. If you’ve used it enough though you might have found a need for more than its default pages and posts. Enter custom data; specifically custom fields and custom post types.

Standard Greenleaf ONE sites now ship with two very powerful extensions that help you unlock the flexibility of custom fields and custom post types. Enjoy Advanced Custom Fields (pro) which provides a range of custom field types including repeater and relational fields. Combine it with CPT UI, an intuitive plugin packed with a lot of power that enables you to easily create custom post types.

Sound complicated? In practice, custom fields and post types are a great way to better organize your content and to capture structured data based on parameters such as content type, category, tag or even another custom field.

Please note that while custom data is now available to all clients on WordPress, only those on Greenleaf ONE can realize the full potential given the power and flexibility of the default page builder in Greenleaf ONE. Sites using other themes will not have the full benefit of dynamic content.