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Plugin Cleanup

Speaking of WordPress extensions, we’ve completed a process of evaluating the current plugins we support as well as new ones we plan to add. Greenleaf ONE is not a static product and requires periodic review in order for it to stay high performing and optimal for nonprofits.

We are actively replacing plugins or removing unsupported plugins altogether in order to consolidate all systems to a standard implementation of Greenleaf ONE. If this makes you at all anxious, don’t worry. Most users will immediately notice a cleaner interface and general performance and stability improvements. Likewise, we are highly focused on replacing critical functionality with better plugins.

One of the big areas that we’re very focused on is migrating off of 3rd party form plugins and on to CiviCRM’s native FormBuilder. This is picking up steam and we’re currently working with a number of clients to strip out legacy form builders in favor of CiviCRM’s FormBuilder.